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Property Management

Property Management

Save on Property Management Fees

Tailored Service and Fees for Apartments

  • Greater income as you will receive savings as we only provide property management for apartments not houses

Greater Value - Flat fee instead of % fees 

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Property Managers with difference 

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Manage My Apartment, offer property management services for investors with real estate located along the wonderful Northern Beaches to Manly.

We have lower real estate costs as we use a flat fee instead of percentage(%) based ongoing property management fees tailored especially for your apartment(s).

We provide more care & attention as we are focused purely on creating wealth and managing apartments.

Your property management service will included securing a tenant(s), managing rental income and expenses as well as arranging maintenance for your investment.

We strive to provide you greater value from our service culture, tailored marketing approach and a very different fee structure.

Would you benefit from greater rental income?

Manage My Apartment is distinctive

  • Our experienced Property Managers aim to build strong long-term relationships with you to make investing easy and enjoyable.
  • Our Property Managers are easily contactable and enjoy sharing their great depth of knowledge to provide peace of mind as well as to add value to your significant investment.
  • All elements of our service is transparent including our statements being simple to understand
  • Because we specialise, we can implement tailored marketing and advertising strategies which are aimed at your target market. We can then ensure your rental income is maximized and the best quality tenants are attracted to your investment property.
  • We have tailored all elements of property management service for the specific needs of property investors with apartments and avoided the ‘one size fits all’ approach
  • We strive to maintain and improve the value of your property by regular inspections and using strategies to ensure tenants maintain your investment to the highest standard.
  • Manage My Apartment use professional and quality trades people to ensure that your investment is maintained to a great quality.
  • We use a flat-fee property management fee without percentage fees or, ongoing commission so we can truly say we aim to maximize your rental return
    • Apartments have significantly less repairs and maintenance to arrange than houses
    • Higher rental does not mean higher costs. Flat fee linked to the number of bedrooms and commensurate with management time taken not linked to rental income.
  • Your 'For lease' signs will be removed immediately once a tenant is secured to be more considerate to the community and 'No Junk mail' letter boxes will be honoured with your property's marketing.
  • We provide a percentage of our profits given to charity 'Youth off the streets'

To gain more confidence that your Rental Income is Maximised - Property Management Proposal

We unashamedly believe that we MUST strive to drive profits for our property investors by BOTH maximising rents AND lowering property management fees.

We would love your business so please make contact as soon as possible. There is strong tenant demand and space is limited in our Property Managers portfolios. We limit our portfolios in size to ensure high service standards.

Property Management - Testimonial

"Marina has been handling my property management for my apartments for years and does a fantastic job. Marina is pro-active, informative and very easy reach. The switch to Manage My Apartment has also saved me over $600 every year" Carolyn, Avalon

Wanted - Your Opinion on 'Leased' & 'Sold' signs left displayed in front of property 

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Benefits of our Property Management Service

More time, peace-of-mind, access to specialist knowledge, fair, genuine and accessible property managers with transparent & clear communication are important benefits

Meet your Property Manager

We find and hire the Best Property Managers  from the Northern beaches to Manly and from the industry to give you the best returns and great experience. Please read their exciting and passionate stories

Read our Property Management Story - Northern Beaches to Manly

Our story is exciting and we would love to hear your story too. Read about how we begun our northern beaches Property Management business and it would be great if we can share in person our vision for the future.

How we measure our Property Managers

We believe that the way we measure our property managers contributes to your success and your experience. Our methods are common amoung companies outside our industry with a reputation for fantastic service.

Our Property ManagemenServices & Costs

Please find our thorough list of all element of our service including the simple and transparent fee structure. Our property management fees are market leading for Manly, Northern beaches let alone Australia.

Flat versus Percentage (%) property management fees

We believe that a percentage fee structure incorrectly assumes that it takes more time to manage an apartment with a higher rent so the costs are higher. Check out our solution

Apartments should have lower property management fees

Our view is that an apartment takes alot less time to manage than a house rented for the same amount as a Strata Manager shares the management/maintenance burden. Use our property management fee calculator to see how much you will save.

Pre-pay property management fees

We believe Manage My Apartment is the first Property Manager to offer prepayment of property management fees. Find out why this could be of benefit for you.

Tenants prefer our Property Management Service

Our properties are highly sought after as tenants prefer our higher level of service and also that they save on administration fees (RentSavers payment system) when depositing rent

Benefits for Tenants with our Property Management

We provide greater benefits for our tenants to ensure you have higher quality tenants, lower tenant turnover and therefore greater rental returns. 

Easy to Switch Property Management providers

We have developed a very simple process to commence your relationship with Manage My Apartment. All elements of our property management service has to be easy and simple

Access our Resources beyond Property Management

Relationships and contacts count so we have developed a list of specialists outside property management to assist you in your wealth creation journey.

Like to further your career in Property Management?

We are actively seeking the best property managers in the industry so we would love to hear from you if you are passionate about people and maximising customer's returns.

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